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Floris van den Eijnde

Floris van den Eijnde
Utrecht University
E-mail: f.vandeneijnde@uu.nl
Projects: Sacrality and the Greek Polis
Floris van den Eijnde is director of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies and lecturer and researcher of Ancient History at the department of History and Art History of Utrecht University. He is interested in social and cultural integration and interaction in the premodern Mediterranean world. In his research he employs recent anthropological insights with regard to social interaction and institutions (e.g. Feasting and Polis Institutions, 2018). In particular, his work has focussed on the formation and rise of the Athenian polis (1200-500 BCE) and especially the central role played by local sanctuaries (The Athenians, forthcoming CUP).

As of 2019, Floris van den Eijnde leads the UU research group Sacrality and the Greek Polis (SAGP). He is a founding member of Hieron and co-director of the Dutch national (OIKOS) research group Cultural Interactions in the Ancient World (CIAW) and editor-in-chief of the academic book series Cultural Interactions in the Mediterranean (CIM, Brill, Leiden). For the latter series he co-edited the volumes Empires of the Sea (2019) and Late Antique Responses to the Arab Conquest (2020).

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