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Michael Kerschner

Michael Kerschner
Austrian Archaeological Institute (Vienna)
Email: michael.kerschner@oeaw.ac.at
I am research associate at the Austrian Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (since 2002) and responsible for the research focus “Cult and Sanctuary”. Parallel to this position, I am Byvanck Fellow in Classical Archaeology and Art at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University (since 2020).

My research focusses on Greek sanctuaries, on the development of early Greek settlements, and on culture and identity of Ionia and Lydia. I have carried out field projects in Turkey (Ephesos, Miletos, Teos in Ionia) and Greece (Lousoi in Arcadia) and studied the archaeological evidence of the Artemision of Ephesos, the sanctuary of Meter at Ephesos, the sanctuary of Artemis Kithone at Miletos and that of Artemis Hemera at Lousoi. Furthermore, I have done archaeometric analyses on the ceramic production of the eastern Aegean, Euboea and the northern Peloponnese in collaboration with Hans Mommsen (Bonn) and Pamela Fragnoli (Vienna).

I studied Classical Archaeology, Art History and Ancient History at the universities of Salzburg (MA 1990) and Bochum (PhD 1995). In 2009 I did my habilitation at Salzburg University. I have been teaching at the universities of Münster, Vienna, Salzburg and Leiden.

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