HIERON: Network for the Study of Greek Sanctuaries


Deep-Mapping Sanctuaries

Mapping experiences at festival hubs in the hellenistic world Project Leader: Christina Williamson Much like music festivals today, religious festivals in antiquity were hugely popular and drew tremendous crowds from across the ancient world. Especially after Alexander the Great, they became central nodes in a network that connected cities across the Mediterranean, and well beyond….

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Sacrality and the Greek Polis

Project leader: Floris van den Eijnde Sacrality and the Greek Polis studies the development of “sacredness” in sanctuaries during the formative and Classical stages of ancient Greek society (1200-300 BCE). Sacrality defined social, cultural and political life at its very core: it determined not only the proper way of conduct of humans with regard to…

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The “Profanity” of Greek Sanctuaries?

Defining the temenos as a space for divine-human interaction 600 BC-200 AD Project Leader: Gunnel Ekroth The main objective of the project is a critical and comprehensive investigation of the perception of ancient Greek sanctuary space, focused on the concept temenos (”that which has been cut off”), i.e. the area set aside for the worship of the…

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Western Greek Cities and Sanctuaries Abroad

Project Leader: Judith M. Barringer Colonization in ancient Greece in the 8th-7th centuries BC constitutes one of the most significant population movements in the ancient world and resulted in the transplantation and transformation of Greek culture in a new western context. While Greek settlers mixed with pre-existing populations in south Italy and Sicily, they initially…

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