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Judith M. Barringer

Judith M. Barringer
The University of Edinburgh
Email: J.M.Barringer@ed.ac.uk
Judith M. Barringer is Professor of Greek Art and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. Her scholarly work centers on the archaeology, art, and culture of Greece, particularly the intersection between art, myth, and religion, from the Archaic through Hellenistic periods. More specifically, I am interested in why images, particularly sculpture and vase painting, appear as they do and how they acquire meaning for ancient patrons and viewers from their physical and social contexts. The use, functioning, and logistics of sanctuaries, as well their physical composition and layout, are of special interest, as represented by her forthcoming book, Olympia: A Cultural History, Princeton University Press 2021; her co-organization of the conference Logistics of Greek Sanctuaries (proceedings forthcoming); and her article in progress on โ€œThe Workings of Treasuries in Greek Sanctuaries.โ€

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